The twice-monthly birds walks at New Quarter Park, most of the field trips, and all monthly meetings are all free and open to the public! 

The purpose of the Bird Club is to promote interest in the study of wild birds; protect birds and their habitat; and share the joy of birding with others. To these ends, we sponsor these events throughout the year:

  • Our monthly newsletter, The Flyer, is published nine times per year. 
  • Monthly programs on 3rd Wednesday nights every month except June, July and December. Our meetings are usually in Andrews Hall, Room 101, on the campus of William & Mary at 7:30. We feature local and visiting experts who share their travels, research, and expertise with the members. Refreshments follow each meeting.
  • Monthly field trips to “birdy” spots around Tidewater the 3rd Saturday morning of every month except July and December.
  • Twice-a-month bird walks at New Quarter Park near Queens Lake in York County. The 2nd Saturday bird walk begins at 8:00 a.m. at the Park Office. The 4th Saturday bird walk begins at 7:00 a.m.
  • Audubon Christmas Bird Count in late December each year.
  • Spring Bird Count in May of each year.
  • Donation of 10 – 12 books about birding to the Williamsburg Regional Library each year. 
  • Speakers Bureau of birders to speak to local community groups. Contact us.
  • Scholarships to local youth to attend Nature Camp in Vesuvius, VA during the summer.
  • Scholarships to William & Mary ornithology graduate students to assist their research into bird behavior, populations, and habitat.