Bob Ake's Big Year Topic of October 19th Meeting

Bob Ake
At the October 19 meeting of the Williamsburg Bird Club, Bob Ake will present a program on his BIG YEAR.

During 2010 Bob traveled the US chasing birds in an attempt to tally as many species in the ABA (American Birding Association) area as possible. Bob tells the tale of the year from the beginning when a well-considered itinerary was followed, trying to keep costs under control, until the end, when every rarity was chased. In the process travel included personal cars, rented cars, commercial flights, pelagic trips, hikes, rides on ATVs, and along the way saw some great scenery, were involved in some minor difficulties, had some really exciting times, and soared to many terrific highs.

Bob finished the year with 731 species, ranking him second all-time among those completing an ABA Annual list. His illustrated talk, in addition to detailing his travels, describes the planning and the execution, gives a summary of the costs and miles traveled, and offers suggestions for anyone interested in trying an ABA Big Year. You can gain a taste of his Big Year by logging onto his blog which he posted daily during his travels.

Plan to join us on October 19 at 7:30 pm in Room 101, Andrews Hall, on the W&M campus. Don't forget your parking permit.


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