Williamsburg area local birding hotspots

  • New Year's Day Boardwalk Bird Show

    Join Shirley Devan and others on New Year’s Day, (Sunday, January 1, 2012) at the Greensprings Trail Boardwalk for the Seventh Annual “New Year’s Day Boardwalk Bird Show.”

    We’ll meet on the “old” boardwalk over the old beaver pond from 1–3 pm (not the Virginia Capitol Trail boardwalk.) Park at the parking lot at the end of Eagle Way, beyond Jamestown High School. Come as you are; bring visiting family, friends and children; come early, stay late or just drop by. Celebrate the New Year with a birding adventure close to home. Remember— every bird is a year bird on New Year’s Day. Hope to see you there!

  • No December meeting

    Next meeting is January 18th.

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