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    Field Trip to Craney Island, August 11, 2017

    07:00 -12:30
    1Canada Goose
    8Ruddy Duck
    20Double-crested Cormorant
    80Brown Pelican
    8Great Blue Heron
    12Great Egret
    45Snowy Egret
    2Green Heron
    1Turkey Vulture
    50Black-necked Stilt
    200American Avocet
    8Black-bellied Plover
    35Semipalmated Plover
    20Stilt Sandpiper
    45Least Sandpiper
    3White-rumped Sandpiper
    500Semipalmated Sandpiper
    1500peep sp.
    10Short-billed Dowitcher
    10Wilson’s Phalarope
    3Red-necked Phalarope
    12Spotted Sandpiper
    25Greater Yellowlegs
    6Willet (Western)
    150Lesser Yellowlegs
    150Laughing Gull
    2Gull-billed Tern
    1Caspian Tern
    3Rock Pigeon (Feral Pigeon)
    2Mourning Dove
    15Chimney Swift
    1American Kestrel
    1American Crow
    2Fish Crow
    1Purple Martin
    5Tree Swallow
    80Barn Swallow
    15European Starling
    3Song Sparrow
    20Red-winged Blackbird
    8Boat-tailed Grackle
    2American Goldfinch
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    Bird Walk at New Quarter Park, 8/12/2017

    08:00 -10:00
    New Quarter Park
    1000 Lakeshead Dr., Williamsburg, Va
    Sat Aug 12, 2017 8:00 AM
    Protocol: Traveling
    Party Size: 4
    Duration: 45 minute(s)
    Distance: 1.0 mile(s)
    14 species total
    eBird list
    4Double-crested Cormorant
    3Great Blue Heron
    1Great Egret
    3Laughing Gull
    1Downy Woodpecker
    1Great Crested Flycatcher
    1Red-eyed Vireo
    1Carolina Chickadee
    5Tufted Titmouse
    1Carolina Wren
    2Eastern Bluebird
    2Chipping Sparrow
    4Northern Cardinal
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    Bird Walk at New Quarter Park, 8/26/2017

    07:00 -09:00
    New Quarter Park
    1000 Lakeshead Dr., Williamsburg, Va
    Birders from the Williamsburg Bird Club, led by Andy Hawkins. Photo by Nancy Barnhart.
    Sat Aug 26, 2017 7:00 AM
    Protocol: Traveling
    Party Size: 9
    Duration: 2 hour(s), 15 minute(s)
    Distance: 1.0 mile(s)
    eBird list
    2Double-crested Cormorant
    4Great Blue Heron
    4Great Egret
    1Yellow-crowned Night-Heron
    1Turkey Vulture
    1Bald Eagle
    1Spotted Sandpiper
    3Laughing Gull
    2Mourning Dove
    2Chimney Swift
    1Ruby-throated Hummingbird
    1Belted Kingfisher
    3Red-bellied Woodpecker
    1Downy Woodpecker
    1Pileated Woodpecker
    2Eastern Wood-Pewee
    2Acadian Flycatcher
    1Eastern Phoebe
    1Great Crested Flycatcher
    1White-eyed Vireo
    1Red-eyed Vireo
    1Blue Jay
    4American Crow
    2Carolina Chickadee
    2Tufted Titmouse
    1White-breasted Nuthatch
    2Carolina Wren
    3Blue-gray Gnatcatcher
    2Eastern Bluebird
    2American Robin
    1Pine Warbler
    1Eastern Towhee
    5Summer Tanager
    2Northern Cardinal
    1Brown-headed Cowbird
    4American Goldfinch