Local Birds

Backyard Birds You’ll Likely See Throughout the Year

Rock Dove Carolina Chickadee European Starling
Mourning Dove Tufted Titmouse Northern Cardinal
Red-bellied Woodpecker White-breasted Nuthatch Song Sparrow
Downy Woodpecker Carolina Wren Common Grackle
Hairy Woodpecker Eastern Bluebird House Finch
Northern Flicker Brown Thrasher American Goldfinch
Pileated Woodpecker American Robin House Sparrow
Blue Jay Northern Mockingbird Eastern Towhee 
American Crow    


Within 10 Miles of Williamsburg You Can Find These Birds Throughout the Year

Double-crested Cormorant Killdeer Bald Eagle
Great Blue Heron Common Grackle Herring Gull
Red-winged Blackbird Cooper’s Hawk Great Black-backed Gull
Canada Goose Red-shouldered Hawk Great Horned Owl
Mallard Red-tailed Hawk Barred Owl
Black Vulture Wild Turkey Belted Kingfisher
Turkey Vulture Northern Bobwhite Field Sparrow
Chipping Sparrow    

Warm Weather Migrants


Brown Pelican    
Snowy Egret Eastern Kingbird Magnolia Warbler
Little Blue Heron Chimney Swift Black-throated Blue Warbler
American Kestral Ruby-throated Hummingbird Pine Warbler
Green Heron Eastern Wood-Peewee Prairie Warbler
Osprey Acadian Flycatcher Blackpoll Warbler
Rough-winged Swallow Eastern Phoebe Black-and-white Warbler
Barn Swallow Great-crested Flycatcher American Redstart
Clapper Rail Northern Waterthrush Prothonotary Warbler
Tree Swallow Purple Martin Ovenbird


Winter Visitors You Might See in Your Backyard

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker Golden-crowned Kinglet White-throated Sparrow
Red-breasted Nuthatch Hermit Thrush Fox Sparrow
Brown Creeper Cedar Waxwing Purple Finch
Winter Wren Yellow-rumped Warbler  Pine Siskin
Ruby-crowned Kinglet Dark-eyed Junco  


Winter Visitors Within Ten Miles of Williamsburg

Common Loon Gadwall Ruddy Duck
Pied-billed Grebe American Wigeon American Kestrel
Horned Grebe Canvasback American Coot
Tundra Swan Ring-necked Duck Field Sparrow
Wood Duck Lesser Scaup Savannah Sparrow
American Green-winged Teal Common Goldeneye Swamp Sparrow
American Black Duck Bufflehead Rusty Blackbird
Northern Pintail Hooded Merganser  Red-breasted Merganser